METALINK’s 2023 Triumphs: A Symphony of Success in Rooftop Excellence
December 29, 2023

METALINK is one of the country’s leading roofing and wall cladding manufacturers and installers. Its 20 years of experience, coupled with its high-quality innovative products, has made them a reliable roofing solutions provider for many clients. This year was no different, as many satisfied customers have praised METALINK for delivering the best they have to offer.

Here are some notable projects that used METALINK products in 2023. 

Hurray Design And Gridcore Builders’ Modern Barn House

Where: Tagaytay, Cavite

Purpose: Vacation or weekend home that can be rented out to select clients

METALINK products used: FLEXSEAM in TEKTURA finish (Anthracite). The standing seam roof profile was used to clad the exterior of this minimalist structure.

Why METALINK? FLEXSEAM, with its concealed fasteners, gave the barn house a continuous flow from roof to wall. The result is a stylish, sophisticated look that is both fashionable and functional.

Architect Joshua Gomez’ Bahay Na Bato

bahay na bato architecture

Where: San Ildefonso, Bulacan

Purpose: To create a modern-day version of an ancestral home

Products used: STONERIB in Coffee Brown. This long-span metal roof was seen as a better alternative to heavy, expensive, and fragile clay tiles usually used for bahay na bato.

Why METALINK? Using STONERIB, METALINK’s stone-coated metal roofing, gave the home a traditional and classy appearance, but with the durability of a metal roof. 

Priminent Builders’ Industrial Showroom

Where: Imus, Cavite

Purpose: To create a space that will showcase Priminent’s work, reflecting their elegant, industrial style

Products used: METALINE50 and TEKTURA finish (Anthracite). The multi-rib metal wall cladding offers a shadow-line effect that creates a unique aesthetic.

Why METALINK? Using METALINE50 metal wall cladding helped the architects achieve the sleek lines and patterns they wanted for their modern workshop and showroom.  

Pixel Mafia’s Office Space

Where: BGC, Taguig

Purpose: To create an engaging environment for Pixel Mafia employees, which also reflects the company’s culture

Product used: METASPAN in stone-coated finish, graphite black. METALINK supplied and installed these spandrels inside their office, which occupies the entire floor.  

Why METALINK? By using METASPAN, METALINK’s metal spandrel series, for Pixel Mafia’s office interiors, the space visibly highlighted the gaming design company’s #allblackeverything aesthetic, creating a cool, hip working space for everyone who stays there. 

2020 Architecture + Design’s Suncoast Villa

Suncoast Villa ECOSEAM

Where: At the foot of Mt. Arayat, Pampanga

Purpose: To create an eye-catching, modern B&B that harmonizes with the natural environment

Product used: ECOSEAM in white. The metal roof and wall cladding were used to envelop this uniquely shaped structure’s exteriors.

Why METALINK? ECOSEAM, a long-span metal roof with a classic snap-lock feature, was the perfect cladding for Suncoast Villa, as its flexibility and adaptability helped create a striking roof that echoes the beauty of Mt. Arayat above it.

Five different projects, the same high-quality METALINK guarantee. With its unique, innovative profiles that can work with virtually any design concept, METALINK helps answer any architect’s need. Contact us today to find out how we can help you fulfill your design inspiration.

 To learn more about METALINK’s products, check out our product catalog here.

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