Suncoast Villa ECOSEAM
Architect Paolo Panlaqui’s Suncoast Villa: A Masterpiece Showcasing ECOSEAM Panels
August 22, 2023

Nothing takes your breath away like setting your eyes on one of nature’s wonders. Mount Arayat is one such marvel. Wrapped in myths and lore, the volcano rises 1,026 meters to dominate the expansive plains of Pampanga.

Mount Arayat: the design inspiration of Suncoast Villa

At the foothills of Mt. Arayat lies Suncoast Villa. Built with premium white snap lock roof called ECOSEAM, Suncoast Villa is as breathtaking as the volcano it takes inspiration from. 

Suncoast Villa is a bed and breakfast that sprawls across 4,200 square meters. Designed by 2020 Architecture + Design, the B&B features eye-catching villas enclosed in modern metal cladding. Aside from the beautiful modern facade, you will immediately notice their unusual shape. The villas face the volcano and are tilted upwards, so you have an excellent view of Mount Arayat from within.

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Interior and exterior of Suncoast Villa using ECOSEAM

According to Architect Paolo Panlaqui of 2020 Architecture + Design, the inspiration for Suncoast Villa was always the volcano. The orientation of the villas, the architectural design, and the building materials were chosen to harmonize with the natural environment while matching the grandeur of Mount Arayat. 

2020 Architecture + Design has always pursued its mission of creating luxurious living spaces that complement nature, so the design firm chose to use Metalink ECOSEAM metal roof and wall cladding in white for the exteriors. 

Panlaqui shares, “We decided that ECOSEAM is the best product for this project. Kasi yun yung pinaka-flexible and adaptable.”

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Benefits of using ECOSEAM

1. It’s secure and resilient

ECOSEAM by Metalink is a long-span metal roof and wall cladding with a classic snap-lock feature. The panels are installed by snapping them together. This secures the fastening without the need for external fasteners. Because the fasteners are concealed, the building is sealed against the harsh weather and environment. ECOSEAM is also one of the most cost-efficient and durable roofs available in its category. 

2. It’s aesthetically pleasing

Apart from functionality, however, ECOSEAM is a beautiful choice for roof and wall cladding. Because of the snap locks, the design of your roof and wall can be seamless. There are no nails and rivets that can distract from the design or cause the roof to be vulnerable to the elements.

3. It offers various finishes

What’s more, ECOSEAM is available in a wide range of attractive finishes to suit your aesthetic. They are available pre-painted in vibrant hues, including white which was used for Suncoast Villa. You can also get ECOSEAM in a stylish stone-coated or sophisticated TEKTURA matte finish.

Why Suncoast Villa uses ECOSEAM

For the interiors of the villas, the designers continued the clean and classy white theme. Wood details were included to exude a natural warmth and vibrancy to the space. 

According to 2020 Architecture + Design, Suncoast Villa is a perfect getaway for romantics or friends and families. It’s designed to let you decompress from urban life by letting you immerse yourself in the tranquility of a modern and spacious living space with a rejuvenating and exquisite view of Mount Arayat.  

Panlaqui credits Metalink for the success of the project. “Metalink is my go-to supplier,” he states. “ When it comes to innovations…Metalink, marami silang variations ng products, mga prime products nila. Yan yung pinaka-ginagamit namin.”

Up in Mt. Arayat, the goddess Mariang Sinukuan must be looking down at Suncoast Villa and enjoying the view.

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