These Architects Used METALINE50 Wall Cladding for Aesthetics
A Combination Of Beauty And Strength Led To This Chic Industrial Showroom
November 29, 2023

Priminent Builders, led by Architects Jeremiah Olano and Zhardei Alyson Naranjo, partnered with METALINK to create a modern workshop and showroom in Imus, Cavite. The METALINE50 multi rib metal wall cladding in Anthracite TEKTURA finish was the perfect choice for their project.

“This workshop and showroom will showcase our line of work as a design and build contractor,” said Ar. Naranjo. This 100-square-meter space was envisioned with an elegant industrial style in mind. Priminent Builders wanted materials emphasizing sleek lines and patterns throughout the structure. 

They heard of Metalink through their colleagues in the industry and were pleased to find a wide variety of products that fit their design requirements.

What is metal wall cladding?

Cladding is a type of material that is primarily installed on a building’s exterior. It can help increase energy efficiency, protect the structure from extreme weather conditions, and improve overall design.

Metal cladding is used for commercial and industrial buildings. Made of layered metal, this kind of cladding offers a lighter alternative to stone and concrete cladding while also impervious to termites, unlike wood. 


Priminent opted for METALINE50 multi-rib metal wall cladding in dark gray (Anthracite) TEKTURA finish to achieve the look they want for their workshop. 

METALINE50 is a modern multi rib wall cladding made of metal that can be installed for interior and exterior applications. Its shadow-line effect adds vibrance and beauty to any architectural, residential, or commercial project. This metal wall cladding is also incredibly versatile; you can also use it for gates, balconies, and many other applications. 

METALINE SERIES, a series of products with concealed fasteners designed to prevent leaks and corrosion that can damage the surface. Concealed fasteners also create a seamless, clutter-free look, preventing you from seeing unsightly screws on your structure. 

Metalink is a proud owner of patents for both METALINE50 and METALINE25.

Why is wall cladding important? 


Metal is fire-resistant and non-combustible. In the unfortunate event of a fire in your building, the metal cladding can limit the spread of fire in the area. More minor damage means fewer repairs and fewer expenses, too.

High durability

Metal wall cladding can help protect your structure against mold, erosion, and other typical structural damage. For example, having metal covering your concrete walls can prevent the latter from cracking under extreme weather conditions. 


Metal is also cheaper than most other materials, which saves you money from the get-go. Its high durability can earn you savings in the long run because this means less wear and tear to manage in the future. 


Creating metal cladding uses little energy, which helps reduce carbon footprint. Metal is also recyclable, which means it can eventually be repurposed. 

Easy installation 

Metal is known to be lightweight and thus is easy to install onto your structure.

Visual appeal

Metal has a beautiful, smooth finish, creating a stunning aesthetic for any structure. If you want your building or home to catch everyone’s eye, metal wall cladding is for you.  

With its combination of strength and beauty, you can’t go wrong with choosing high-quality metal wall cladding like METALINE50. Ar. Naranjo and the rest of the team at Priminent Builders were very impressed by the impact METALINK and METALINE50 had on their showroom’s design. “Thank you, METALINK, for giving us high-quality products that are truly admirable.” 

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