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On-site Roll Forming


On-site roll forming involves taking the roll-forming equipment directly to the customer’s construction site.

  • Provides BIG savings on transportation cost.
  • The best solution for long panels that are difficult or outright non-transportable.
  • Helps minimize handling damage.
  • Can accommodate on-the-spot order changes.
On-site Roll Forming


Our customers enjoy worry-free delivery we take our roofing products anywhere in the country.

  • We take care of delivering the requirements—you maximize your productivity by focusing on your business.
  • You save on the cost of having to hire trucks to pick up the ordered items.
On-site Roll Forming


Metalink is proud to back its commitment to quality with smart innovation that sets us apart. We are one of the few manufacturers with roll-forming technology and in-house testing facilities in the country.

  • Our installation specialists are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to guarantee the excellent installation performance to any roof or wall cladding projects.
  • Our installation experts can also provide advice and guidance in maintaining roofing and wall cladding projects.

Disclaimer: Metalink specializes exclusively in the installation of Metalink roofs. We do not offer installation services for roofs from other manufacturers.



Our sales team is always ready. Whether it is to give you updates on your order or assist you with your concerns. You can rely on us to ensure that you experience and smooth transaction with us every time.

Our roofing panels are tested on their substrate for standard dimensions, coating weights and thickness, as well as physical and chemical properties.



We provide roofing estimates for replacement or new construction projects.


  • Our team of expert engineers and specialist is on-hand to give advice and guidance regarding the changes needed for the project.
  • Our technical estimators can prepare a roofing estimate to calculate the cost and the investment that a customer needs for their roofing and wall cladding projects.