This Modern Barn House Design Showcases Minimalism & Style
March 24, 2023

Hurray design and Gridcore builders have unveiled a metal-clad modern dwelling using one of Metalink’s most distinctive and innovative profiles, the FLEXSEAM in TEKTURA matte finish (Anthracite) in dark gray. The continuous flow from roof to wall delivers a strikingly contemporary look.

Situated in Tagaytay, Cavite, the barn house is meant to serve as a vacation or weekend home and can also be rented out to select clients. “We drew inspiration from abroad—magazines, blogs and books from all over the world,” Bong Rojales, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Hurray, says. “We want a modern take on a country home with a dark exterior.”

From vision to planning to actual execution, the close collaboration with Metalink helped make the design inspiration a reality. “We wanted a company who could execute our vision, who would be easy to work with, with the right set of products as well as experience.”

FLEXSEAM meets both style and substance

Metalink’s commitment to delivering outstanding roofing and wall cladding products and services have continuously evolved throughout the years. FLEXSEAM is a fairly new profile in the Philippines, with its innovative concealed fastening system that creates a smooth, sleek, and clean design.

This standing seam roof profile is perfect for Hurray’s Tagaytay project #RHouse (named after Rojales and his team) because of its simple and minimalist design. Hiding the fasteners helps eliminate clutter and create a continuous, linear look that just screams modernity. This also helps the structure last longer as the fasteners are less exposed to harsh conditions that accelerate wear and tear.

When coupled with Metalink’s TEKTURA matte finish, FLEXSEAM takes this barn house project to a sophisticated level, perfect for a stylish country home. FLEXSEAM is an all-new roof, and wall cladding finish integrated with rich, textured paint technology. The #RHouse is colored with a cool Anthracite gray shade that is good for both interior and exterior purposes. You rarely see something this dark and lustrous in the neighborhood; many fashionable families will surely be drawn to this home.

#RHouse has something for everyone

Rojales says #RHouse can also mean “Our House” because it offers a shared experience for every guest. The home is equipped with an outdoor area that can host a gathering of up to 20 people, large enough to accommodate your dearest friends and family. Other amenities include a heated jacuzzi pool, an outdoor shower, a music room, a den/family room, a washer and dryer area, and a two-car garage.

The interiors of the #RHouse come from various influences. The modern finishes and materials – a mix of textured finishes, distinct color and patterns, modernity and materiality – merge with a blend of mid-century modern and contemporary elements and pieces, as well as Scandinavian and Japanese influences with that distinct Hurray Design touch.

Rojales and his team even included some of their own past furniture to fit out the rest of the space. People who will inhabit the home will appreciate the wide variety of design elements adorning the home.

Modern barn house design in every corner

Modernity doesn’t just run in the design of this barn house but in its utilities as well. The #RHouse keeps up with present-day environmental goals thanks to its hybrid solar power source with batteries that can handle outages and store power to help save on electricity. Solar power also runs through the home’s water heaters, making this a green home all over. The #RHouse is also a futuristic living space, coming with automation and lighting control features that make it a smart home.

Rounding up the #RHouse tour is its modern modular kitchen, with built-in appliances that include a dishwasher, wine chiller, and a steam oven. It is also equipped with a coffee nook and bar with an espresso machine and other coffee gadgets, perfect for the discerning coffee enthusiast in your family.

With a variety of living spaces meant for entertaining, relaxing, and bonding, #RHouse is the perfect home to create shared experiences. Together, Hurray, Gridcore, and proven partner suppliers like Metalink were able to achieve the goal of creating a vacation or weekend home for clients to appreciate. With a structure that combines a style and functionality like no other, guests can just sit back, relax and enjoy their vacation.

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