1st Megasaver's Commercial Triumph in Magalang, Pampanga
Optimizing Excellence: 1st Megasaver’s Commercial Triumph in Magalang, Pampanga with METALINK’s METALINE50
December 29, 2023

Living up to its name, 1st Megasaver’s offer of mega discounts, big savings, and the best brands has made it an incredibly successful company. This massive appliance, gadget, and furniture store has become so successful that it has expanded – and continues to expand – throughout Central and North Luzon. To maintain its strong performance, 1st Megasaver deserves equally successful partners to strengthen their business.

For their Magalang, Pampanga branch, 1st Megasaver partnered with METALINK to use its advanced roofing and wall cladding system. Owner Aileen Chan and Project Engineer Rowell Aurello opted for METALINK products like ECORIB and METALINE50 to outfit their sprawling 4440 sq.m. structure.

For Engr. Aurello, METALINK products pass their specifications and exacting standards. “They’re easy to use and easy to install,” Aurello says. “That’s the best thing about METALINE50. We get to save time.”

The project used METALINE 50 in white pre-painted finish as wall cladding for Megasaver’s exterior walls.


METALINE50 is a modern, multi-rib metal wall cladding that can be installed for interior and exterior applications. Its shadow-line effects add vibrance and beauty to any architectural, residential, or commercial project.

Aside from white, METALINE50 also comes in other pre-painted finishes such as red, mandarin red, brown, charcoal gray, green, blue, white, beige, and terracotta. The wide variety of finishes, along with the easy installation capabilities, makes METALINE50 perfectly suitable for commercial applications.  

Benefits of METALINE50 Metal Wall Cladding


Metal is fire-resistant and non-combustible. In the unfortunate event that a fire occurs in your building, the metal cladding can limit the spread of fire in the area. Smaller damage means fewer repairs and fewer expenses, too.

High durability

Using metal wall cladding can help protect your structure against mold, erosion, corrosion, and other common structural damage. Having metal covering your concrete walls, for example, can prevent the latter from cracking under extreme weather conditions.


Metal is also cheaper than most other materials, which saves you money from the get-go. Its high durability can earn you savings in the long run, because this means less wear and tear to manage in the future.


Creating metal cladding does not use much energy, which helps reduce carbon footprint. Metal is also recyclable, which means it can be repurposed in the future.

Easy installation

Metal is known to be lightweight and thus is easy to install onto your structure.

Visual appeal

Metal has a beautiful, smooth finish, creating a stunning aesthetic for any structure. If you want your building or home to catch everyone’s eye, metal wall cladding is for you. 

Building Success with METALINK’s Product Expertise

1st Megasaver also used METALINK’s ECORIB roof solution in bright blue color. ECORIB is a classic metal rib roofing product developed with an enhanced painting process that protects against corrosion or rust. It is the ultimate choice for durable, solar-panel-friendly, long-span roofing, a great investment for commercial structures that need to stand the test of time.

Thanks to its excellent selection of products, METALINK was able to easily provide Megasaver with exactly what they needed for their new branch. METALINK can be relied upon to provide the best products and services for any project.

 “For everyone out there who is planning to build their dream house or commercial building or any construction that requires roofing,” says Ms. Chan, “I highly recommend METALINK roofing and wall cladding. Quality-wise, price-wise, service after sales price, [these are all] highly recommended by 1st Megasaver.” Also watch this video to know more: