How to Maintain a Cool Exterior With Dark Colored Metal Roofs and Wall Cladding
How to Maintain a Cool Exterior With Dark Colored Metal Roofs and Wall Cladding
March 28, 2023

Dark-colored metal roofs and wall cladding serve curb appeal and keep temperatures cool thanks to advanced tech. Keep reading to learn how.

There’s something incredibly cool about black structures. They carve out striking silhouettes in the landscape — at once: elegant, edgy, and ultra modern. 

However, dark colors attract and contain heat, so there is a danger of making a building even hotter than it already is. How can you have a dark-colored façade suitable for our tropical climate?

Black is cool

If you think that black is a hot color, it’s time for a rethink. Metalink, the country’s leading producer of reliable metal roofing and metal cladding solutions, has made it possible to have a dark-colored exterior without sacrificing comfort, thanks to Cool Chemistry.

Cool Chemistry has higher thermal reflectance than other solid dark-colored paints. Applied to Metalink’s metal roofing and metal wall cladding, Cool Chemistry protects buildings from the harsh sun and provides superior thermal insulation when combined with expanded polystyrene (EPS). Buildings absorb markedly less heat, so you save on maintenance and cooling costs.

Why metal is so cool (The advantage of designing with metal)

Metal lends itself well to a wide variety of design applications. It is malleable, so it can be cut, folded, or curved according to your design requirements. On top of this, a variety of shades, materials, and finishes let you tell your unique story. 

By adding metal wall cladding to feature walls, you can break up long expanses of concrete, adding to the structure’s architectural interest. Combining different profiles, such as glass, concrete, and wood, with metal means that you can play with shapes, shadows, and layers. Because the material can handle complex designs, the opportunities for creative architectural expression are unlimited.

One thing to look into is the Metaline products of Metalink (METALINE50 and METALINE25). These have attractive ribs that add dimension and extra oomph to exterior façades. Flexseam also provides seamless connections, so your design stays sleek and uninterrupted.

Shades of cool

Dark is a stand-out shade, and Tektura by Metalink has a stunning one in Dark Gray Anthracite. You can also play with the variety of other luxe finishes available in variations of light to dark gray. 

There are also stone-coated finishes in coffee brown, brick red, pine green, charcoal gray, and graphite black, and metallic finishes for eye-catching charm.

What’s more, Tektura has superior resistance to fading and corrosion, so your building won’t lose its cool factor for a long, long time.  

Cool performance

The beauty of metal isn’t just on the surface. Metal cladding improves the structural properties of buildings by providing protection from harsh elements. It protects against heat, rain, humidity, and pollution that can damage the building over time. Metal is also resistant to fire and combats scratching and fading.

Just be sure to select premium metal roofs and wall cladding such as those by Metalink. Metalink has a long history of providing state-of-the-art building solutions, so you can be sure to get quality work every time. 

Time to join the cool kids

The best-looking properties today are wearing black. It’s stylishly, and now even functionally, cool. And thanks to the durability of metal, the appeal will be timeless.