exterior facades design using metal wall clad
Clad in Style: How Wall Cladding Upgrades Exterior Facades
March 27, 2023

Although designed concrete buildings can be quite striking, there’s a material that wonderfully complements the  common concrete when it comes to exterior finishing.  

Meet metal wall cladding. 

Borne out of the convergence of technology and creativity, metal wall cladding adds visual appeal and architectural interest to the design of a building. Wrapped around the structure, or used as an accent on feature walls, metal cladding provides a modern design that turns heads and transforms ordinary spaces into landmarks. Exterior facade design using metal wall cladding will make your project stand out in the urban landscape.

Unlimited style 

Got a style idea? The versatility of metal wall cladding provides endless design opportunities, making it a favorite choice of architects. Cladding adds texture, color, and pattern to interior and exterior walls.

Metal is malleable so you can mold it according to your design. Walls can be flat or curved depending on the effect desired. 

Further, products such as METALINE50 lets you play with light, creating a visual dynamism that you can’t get with concrete. Because of METALINE50’s texture and shadow line, structures seem to change organically according to the view of the angle and the view of the light. 

Futuristic appeal

There are a variety of finishes available, which means the material lends itself well to realize the modern ideas of the designer. Metalink, the leading producer of metal wall cladding in the Philippines, offers a range of luxe finishes in different shades of matte gray; stone-coated finishes of coffee brown, brick red, pine green, charcoal gray, and graphite black; and even metallic finishes, if that is what your architectural vision demands.

Resilient structure

Apart from the distinct design advantage, metal cladding upgrades your building project by providing protection from the elements. Cladding protects structures from degrading over time. It does this by diverting wind and rain, protecting against extreme temperatures, water absorption, sunlight,  and pollution. Metal wall cladding also provides superior thermal insulation, making it perfect for the country’s tropical heat. 

As if that weren’t enough,  metal wall cladding also offers sound insulation and fire resistance.

Timeless charm

Recently, we’ve seen metal cladding in commercial, residential, and industrial applications — definitely an upgrade from plain concrete blocks.

However, metal wall cladding isn’t confined to new buildings. It has also been successfully used to accentuate the original design of old buildings — providing a freshness to the facade while maintaining the structure’s charms. 


Speaking of old buildings, if you want your structure to stand the test of time, metal wall cladding can help with that, too. Because metal cladding protects structures from harsh weather conditions and pollution, it actually improves the durability of buildings. Metal resists scratching and fading. It is strong and has longevity, so you save on maintenance costs.


If you are concerned about environmental impact, you would be relieved to know that  metal wall cladding is suitable for green building. It is sustainable and functional thus reducing the environmental footprint.

Its insulation feature helps to regulate temperature thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.

Easy to install

An exterior modern facade design using metal cladding is easy to achieve. It is quick and easy to install, but looks expensive. Options such as Flexseam provide concealed fastenings that allow the design to be sleek and uninterrupted.  

All things considered, metal wall cladding is an easy and stylish way to upgrade your exterior modern facade design. If you want to make a mark in the urban landscape, go beyond the ubiquitous concrete. The opportunities for metal wall cladding are only limited by your imagination.

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