Metal Wall Cladding The Best Choice for Fire Safety
Metal Wall Cladding: The Best Choice for Fire Safety
October 31, 2023

Fire is destructive and devastating. That’s why you can never be too careful when it comes to fire safety. Fortunately, metal wall cladding can help protect your home from fire.

What is cladding?

Cladding is a protective layer attached to the exterior of the home or building. Its purpose is to protect the structure from the elements such as wind, rain, pollution, ultraviolet rays, and extreme temperatures. Cladding also makes the home or building more stable and increases its lifespan. It also adds to the property’s aesthetic value. 

What is metal wall cladding?

Metal wall cladding is cladding made of layered metal. This not only provides aesthetic appeal but also gives excellent protection against the harsh environment. Best of all, metal wall cladding can safeguard your home against fire.

Benefits of metal wall cladding

Metal wall cladding increases the curbside appeal of your home while making the building more sturdy and lasting. 

Check out all the advantages you get with metal wall cladding:

It adds to the durability of your home.

Metal wall cladding can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It serves as a strong shield for your home against the elements.

It lessens your carbon footprint.

It’s sustainable: metal is 100% recyclable and the metal panels are reusable.

It makes your home more beautiful.

It’s aesthetic and versatile. Metal wall cladding gives a modern look to homes and is adaptable to all types of designs.

It provides protection against fire.

Metal is at the top of the list when it comes to fire resistance.

Importance of fire safety

A fire destroys everything in its path. It can cause great injury to the people whom the shelter is supposed to protect. This is why fire safety is so important. 

Why you should improve the fire safety of your home:

  • To reduce the risk of injury to the people within the building
  • To reduce the risk of damage to the building or property
  • To reduce the risk of loss of items or possessions
  • To avoid being fined for non-compliance with regulations

Wall cladding typically covers a large surface area. If the cladding used is combustible, the large surface area will cause the fire to spread much faster, posing great danger to the occupants. Several tragic fires have been traced to flammable cladding, such as the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire in London and the 2009 Shanghai apartment fire. For this reason, professionals have sought safer and more durable materials. They found that metal wall cladding is an excellent fire-resistant solution. 

How metal wall cladding protects against fire

  •  Metal is non-combustible, meaning it doesn’t catch fire. The combustibility of a material is important because it determines how fast a fire can grow or spread. The higher the combustibility, the faster the fire will spread.
  • Metal is also fire-resistant. The National Fire Protection Association defines fire resistance as the time a material can withstand exposure to fire before it breaks down. 
  • Metal satisfies fire safety regulations. Metal passes all fire safety tests. 

Metal wall claddings significantly help in mitigating fires because it is made from a material that is noncombustible, fire resistant, and safety-tested. 

Metal wall cladding options

Flexseam metal cladding system

It has standing seams and concealed fasteners to give you uninterrupted lines. 

Standing Seam Roof

Seamlock metal cladding system

It has long-span panels that interlock seamlessly, providing three-point protection against leaks. 

Metaline Series metal cladding system (Metaline25, Metaline50)

It is a multi-rib system that can be used in interior or exterior walls. 

These metal wall cladding options by Metalink have undergone multiple quality tests and are certified safe against fires.


Cladding is a great addition to the design of your home. It fortifies the structure and adds to your home’s curb appeal. More importantly, it helps safeguard your residence from fire. By using Metalink metal wall cladding, you effectively meet code regulations for fire safety. 

Start your fire-safe journey today by contacting Metalink. Learn more about our fire-resistant metal wall cladding solutions.