Creative House Design Ideas Using LUXEWOOD Grain Finish
4 Creative House Design Ideas Using LUXEWOOD Grain Finish
October 5, 2023

Do you ever feel like your home is stuck in a rut? Don’t worry, that feeling is completely normal. As our lives change, so do our preferences, and what better way to reflect that than in your house design? Redecorating or renovating your space can help you express yourself by breathing new life into your home.

Why is redecorating or renovating important?

Space expansion

Whether it’s a new addition to your family or just a need for extra storage, renovating or redecorating can help you adjust your space to your current needs.

Improved functionality

As your house becomes more lived in, you realize you use more rooms than others. For example, you may want to improve your kitchen because it’s been battered by the rigors of everyday cooking. Renovations can help you upgrade your space and protect it from further damage.

Energy savings

Renovations like upgrading to more cost-efficient appliances and adding insulation can help you save on the energy bill in the future. 

Mood booster

A new design that reflects your personality makes you feel more comfortable in your space. Some studies have shown that adding more nature to your home can help lower anxiety and improve your mental health. Even wooden accents can help exude natural warmth and comfort, helping reduce stress and increase positive social interactions.

Benefits of using wooden accents in your home décor

1. It makes you feel closer to nature 

Integrating the look of wood inside your space gives off a natural vibe. Humans have always been drawn to nature, even as urban design and skyscrapers have dominated our environment. This is the principle behind “biophilic design,” combining the idea of urbanism and the natural environment to help people feel that they’re still part of nature even when they’re in the city.

2. It improves mental health

A study from Canberra University has found that 82% of workers who were exposed to more wooden surfaces had higher job satisfaction than those who had no wooden surfaces in their workplaces. Canberra University Associate Professor Jacki Schirmer adds that wooden surfaces offer a heightened sense of well-being and productivity. People find spaces with wooden surfaces “relaxing, inviting, and energizing.”

3. It is versatile

Wooden accents or surfaces can work with many types of décor. Whether it’s a modern, minimalist home or a rustic, tropical space, wood-finished décor can help complete the look you’re going for.

How to use wooden accents to spruce up your home

1. Living room

An accent wall helps break up a space and create a focal point. Using a wooden accent wall gives a luxurious and elegant appeal to the overall interior of the room.

2. Kitchen

Have a plain, white kitchen? Revitalizing your walls with wood-finished cladding can help create a cozy vibe in your cooking space. It also adds a pop of color to contrast with all of the white and gray surfaces.

3. Bedroom

Utilizing a wood-finished wall can infuse your bedroom with a refreshing natural ambiance, elevating its interior with a chic and lively allure.

4. Dining area

 For a modern feel to your dining room, try equipping your wood-finished wall with mood lights for that cool, restaurant-style aesthetic. Mood lights will gently illuminate your wood-finished walls and create a soothing effect. 

Challenges with using real wood

High maintenance

Beautiful as it is, real wood can be difficult to maintain. It scratches easily, can warp or distort through time, and can be easily damaged by moisture.

Prone to pests

Because wood contains cellulose, termites are easily drawn to them for food. You’ll need to protect your wooden walls from moisture by applying a fresh coat of waterproof paint regularly.


As more and more of our forests fall victim to deforestation, wood becomes harder to source and difficult to transport. Low supply and high demand make wood costly material to use.

Enter LUXEWOOD, an elegant alternative to wooden material

METALINK, one of the leading steel roofing and wall solutions providers in the Philippines, has come up with a solution for those who want the elegance of wood but not the challenges that come with it.

LUXEWOOD finish in Black Walnut offers the rich, warm appeal of wood without the danger of rot, warping, or termites. LUXEWOOD works best when used on other Metalink products such as:

  • METALINE50 – Modern wall cladding for interior and exterior applications. Its shadow-line effects add vibrance and beauty to any project. 
  • METALINE25 – Metal mini rib wall cladding that’s also ideal for both interior and exterior use. A flexible and beautiful choice for any residential, restaurant, or office space. 

  • METASPAN – Spandrel panels made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, METASPAN is lightweight and easy to install.

By combining LUXEWOOD with any of these materials, you get all the design benefits of wood enhanced by the strength of metal.

Your house should last forever, but its design need not be. By adding a slice of nature such as a wooden finish, you’re reviving your home into the welcoming and comfortable living space you deserve.