Clay Tile and Metal Roofing: Sustainable Solutions for the Philippines
Clay Tile and Metal Roofing: Sustainable Solutions for the Philippines
November 3, 2023

These days, more and more people are switching to a planet-friendly lifestyle. According to the Healthy and Sustainable Living 2022 report, two in three people who participated in the survey are willing to cut their consumption in half to live more sustainably and avoid environmental damage. The survey was conducted across 31 countries.

While we strive to live more sustainably by using reusable shopping bags and switching to more energy-efficient cars and devices, did you know you can also make a sustainable choice regarding your roofing needs? But first, let’s get into why we should care about sustainability.

What does sustainability mean?

To be sustainable means using resources that do not harm the planet or the future of our planet. It also means lessening waste and pollution. Waste and pollution could degrade the state of our environment, thereby harming the earth and everything in it. By acting sustainably now, we can help ensure that future generations live in a healthier and cleaner world.

What is sustainable roofing?

Sustainable roofs have the following characteristics: 


Sustainable roofing means using durable roofing materials. These roofs can withstand damage from the weather and environment. If your roof doesn’t need replacing every few years, you lessen waste because you don’t have to throw the old roof away. 

Environmentally friendly 

Sustainable roofing also means using materials that are friendly to the environment. These materials are not toxic to the environment nor deplete precious resources.   

Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient roof means one that helps you save electricity by preventing your home from becoming too hot during the summer months.

Currently, the most sustainable roofs are those made of clay tiles or metal. 

Sustainable roofing options

Clay tiles

Clay tiles have been used for centuries. These are made of terracotta clay, which has been kneaded, molded, fired up, and glazed. It is a popular roof choice because it is durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetic. 

Clay tile roofs have survived the ancient structures they were built on. They are impervious to decay because they do not oxidize or rust. They are also fire-proof. 

On top of that, clay tiles provide excellent insulation for the home, so you don’t need a lot of energy to maintain indoor temperatures. 

Clay roof tiles have enduring beauty. This is why the preference for clay tiles has lasted through time.

Design applications of clay roof tiles

There are different design applications of clay roof tiles depending on the preference of the architect or homeowner. Tiles can be flat or curved, featuring grooves that help water flow off the roof, interlocking, or sealed with mortar. They vary in design based on size, shape, color, pattern, and texture. However, clay tiles are imported from Japan, so you must factor in shipping costs to use them.

Metal roofs

Another excellent sustainable roofing solution is metal roofs. They’re increasingly popular because of their aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, and sustainability.

Metal makes beautiful roofs. Different profiles are available, ranging from those that look very stylish and modern to more traditional corrugated designs. 

There are standing seam, tile, snap-lock, and horizontal roofs. They are available in different finishes: stone-coated, painted, anodized, and natural metal. Because they are so versatile, you can have a roof that fits your design perfectly. 

StoneTile by Metalink, in particular, is a metal roof with a luxurious stone finish. But, while it looks like expensive stone, it is lightweight, priced less, and easy to install. It is the first and only long-span stone-coated roof in the country and is available in graphite black, charcoal gray, coffee brown, brick red, and pine green. 

If you want a sleek and neat design, check out HAVANA in a stone-coated finish from Metalink. It is a horizontal roof that is perfect for coastal areas. It features hidden fasteners that keep the joints protected from environmental damage and gives superior protection against leaks.  

HAVANA TILE is also a horizontal roof with an additional design. An elegant roof design, it has hidden fasteners and anti-leak features. You can have your Havana Tile in a range of vibrant colors or a matte TEKTURA finish in shades of gray. It is also available in a luxurious stone-coated finish.

Metal roofs give great value for money and promise easier installation, especially if you use experts like Metalink.

How sustainable are metal roofs?

Metal roofs are durable. When made with quality materials, they will last a lifetime. They are resistant to fire, and wind.

Metal roofs are energy-efficient. They reflect heat from the sun and reduce cooling costs.

Metal roofs are recyclable and reusable. Metal roofs are 100% recyclable so you reduce your carbon footprint.

Clay tile roof vs. metal roof

 Clay tile and metal roofs are excellent sustainable options, and both are available in METALINK too!

Choose clay tile roofing if you want a roof made of natural materials with a long lifespan. Choose metal roofs such as those from Metalink if you want a durable, easy-to-install, and recyclable roof.

Your best roofing option is the one that satisfies your specific needs, preferred design, and budget. Whichever roof you choose, make sure that it contributes to protecting the world we live in.