best solar panel in the Philippines
Discover the Best Solar Panels in the Philippines
January 31, 2024

Just when you thought a roof couldn’t get better, Metalink, the premier roofing provider, raises the bar by offering complete solar packages.

Metalink was established in 2001 as a manufacturer of quality metal roofs. After decades of delivering excellence and innovation, Metalink became the preferred choice of architects, contractors, project owners and developers, and homeowners. Today, Metalink leads the industry in manufacturing and installing superior roofing solutions. 

Adding to its excellent portfolio of products, systems, and processes, Metalink takes a step further by offering high-quality solar panel packages in the Philippines

Answering the Need for Sustainable Roofing

Modern times require modern solutions. Growing populations and urbanization has led to a dramatic increase in the demand for energy. At the same time, human activity has greatly affected the planet. Non-renewable energy sources are fast becoming depleted and we are feeling the effects of climate change as the earth heats up and we experience intense weather conditions. 

One solution is to use alternative sources of energy such as solar power. 

Since the Philippines enjoys direct sunlight throughout the year, solar power is a viable option. It is accessible and efficient — more so when harnessed using top-of-the line solar panels.

But Just How Do Solar Panels Work?

A solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into electricity. 

Sunlight is composed of small packets of electromagnetic radiation. This is where energy comes from. These packets, called photons, are captured by solar cells that make up a solar panel. Once captured, electrons are released, generating an electrical current. An inverter then converts the current to a form you can use. With enough current, solar panels can power your home. 

The Untapped Potential Of Solar Energy

Solar power generates just 1.7% of the country’s energy consumption according to a report by the Ember Climate Organization. Still, with less than 2% of solar energy, the Philippines was able to avoid US$78 million in fuel costs. Ember estimates that the use of solar power in the country will grow 22% yearly.

According to the Department of Energy policy brief, a typical solar kit can reduce monthly power bills by at least 30%. With enough solar panels to cover all your electricity needs, you wouldn’t need to rely on power providers. 

Benefits Of Solar Energy

Discover the numerous advantages of transitioning to solar energy with Metalink:

1. It saves on costs

Instead of paying for expensive electricity from power providers, you can generate the electricity that you need, thus saving on costs. How much you save depends on your electrical consumption and the solar panels you have installed. So choose your solar package based on your goals: Do you want to reduce your power bill or switch to solar energy completely? 

2. It makes your home more energy-efficient

With solar panels, you can lead a more sustainable life. This is because solar energy lets you reduce your consumption of fossil fuels thus substantially reducing your carbon footprint. 

3. It’s environmentally responsible 

Solar power is clean, free, and inexhaustible. Harvesting energy from the sun does not cause carbon emissions or pollute the air. This means that, essentially, you will be building a healthier home.

4. It has longevity

Solar panels usually last for 25 years or more. That’s how long you’d be generating free energy from the sun.

Metalink’s Comprehensive Solution

If you’re uncertain about how to add solar panels to your building plans, Metalink will put your worries to rest. This is because Metalink can take care of both your roofing and solar panel needs.

Metalink provides solar packages plus a range of superior roofing options to go with them. By letting Metalink handle your solar roof requirements, you can minimize errors in configuration and installation because you won’t need to talk to two suppliers. On top of this, you can avoid leaks and damage from faulty fasteners because Metalink brings its expertise and experience in roofing to the project.

Whatever design you have in mind, Metalink can devise a customized solution. Check out some examples of Metalink projects here.

Partner with Metalink for a Sustainable Future

It’s time to move away from expensive and harmful fossil fuels. Get started by equipping your home with solar panels from the leader in metal roofing.

To learn more about how Metalink can help you design your transition to solar power, contact Metalink today. 

Not only will you get a superior roof and solar panel package, you can also enjoy worry-free design and installation. Metalink is committed to innovation, quality, and sustainable building practices. It’s your trustworthy and reliable partner in your journey towards a sustainable future. 

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