Types of metal roofs
Types of Metal Roofs: Choosing Durability and Style
January 25, 2024

When considering metal roofs for your construction project, durability is a key factor. Metal roofing, known for its resilience, comes in various types. Among them, Metalink stands out with its innovative use of GALVALUME steel. For professional advice and to delve deeper into the advantages of GALVALUME roofing, reach out to METALINK today.

Choosing the Right Metal Roof: A Comprehensive Guide

While all metal roofs offer durability, selecting the appropriate type is crucial, considering factors like weather conditions, aesthetics, and design. The design of your roof can influence the choice of metal, and Metalink provides tailored solutions.

  • Flexseam for Low-Slope Roofs: Opt for Metalink’s Flexseam for low-slope roofs, ensuring a rainproof and weather-tight construction.
  • Flexseam Curved for Unique Designs: If your roof boasts a curved design, explore the possibilities with Flexseam Curved., another exceptional offering from Metalink.
  • Euro Elegance for Traditional Aesthetics: For a traditional aesthetic, consider tile roofs like EuroElegance or Euro Elegance Premier by Metalink.
  • Ecorib or EcoHirib for Durability: If your focus is on durability without compromising style, Ecorib or EcoHirib, available in various finishes, are hardworking options.

Types Of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs utilize different materials, and steel is a popular choice. Galvalum steel, with added zinc for corrosion prevention. Metalink exclusively employs Galvalume steel in its metal roofs.


To make roofing material, a zinc layer is added to steel to make galvanized steel. The zinc prevents corrosion or rust from developing on the roof. A more advanced version of galvanized steel is Galvalume steel. Aluminum is added to the zinc layer for even better protection against corrosion. Metalink metal roofs use Galvalume steel.


Roofs made from aluminum are ideal for coastal areas because they resist salt corrosion. As a roofing material, aluminium is durable and lightweight but expensive. 


Copper is a beautiful roof option. It develops a beautiful patina over time. Roofs made of copper are much quieter than those made with other metals because copper is a soft metal. The drawback is that copper can be easily damaged and is the most expensive type of metal roof.

Different Roof Finishes

Customize your roof’s appearance and performance with appropriate finishes. Metalink offers a range of options:

  • Pre-Painted Finishes: Choose from a palette of vibrant colors for a striking visual appeal.
  • Textured Matte: Explore elegant matte shades like TEKTURA by Metalink for a sophisticated finish.
  • Stone-Coated Finishes: Achieve a beautiful and enduring look with stone-coated finishes.

Choose the Right Type of Metal Roof

Consider finishes that reflect heat, protect against degradation, and align with your design intent. Metal roofs vary not only in the type of metal but also in performance and design. If you’re intrigued by the benefits of GALVALUME roofing or want to explore more metal roof options, connect with Metalink today for expert guidance and tailored solutions.

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