Best roofing materials for low slope roofs
What Is the Best Roofing Material for Low-Slope Roofs?
March 27, 2023

Minimalism is a design trend that has its fair share of admirers. More people desire a clutter-free living space, which helps boost relaxation. The perfect topper for a minimalist home is a low-slope roof because it gives the visual effect of long, clean lines that are pleasing to the eye.

The International Code Council for building safety solutions defines low-slope roofs as those with a minimum slope of ¼ inch vertical to 12 inches horizontal or 1/4:12 up to 3:12 pitch. Sometimes called flat roofs, these roofs have such a low slope that they can look flat to the naked eye.

Finding the best roofing material for your low-slope roof is important because you want one that fulfills both your form and function needs. A good-looking roof is not worth the investment if it doesn’t protect the home. Best to create a list of what you need from your low-slope roof and start your search from there.

Benefits of low-slope roofs

Trendy, modern design

Clients who love contemporary-looking homes would do well to use a low-slope roof. Long, nearly straight lines create a broad effect, mimicking the horizon that occurs in nature.

Easy to maintain

Low-slope roofs are easy to maintain because they are easy to access. Thanks to its lower pitch, people can easily walk on and clean out the roof without fear of slipping or falling.

Helps keep the home cool

Homes with low-slope roofs have less space for excess air, which can make structures hotter during the summer.

Friendlier on the budget

Low-slope roofs require less material than roofs with a steeper pitch. Fewer materials and fewer labor hours lead to more cost efficiency.

Adheres to residential home requirements

Residential developments in the Philippines require a low roof height to protect their neighborhood’s privacy and safety. A low-slope roof prevents next-door neighbors from being able to look into your home and vice versa.

The best roofing material for low-slope roofs

The best profiles to use for low-slope roofs should help protect the home and the roof from immediate wear and tear, such as corrosion or rust. Leading roof and solutions provider Metalink boasts of the most innovative profile designs to help create the best low-slope roofs for every need. 


A standing seam roof profile like FLEXSEAM is good for low-slope roofs because it is elevated off the surface, helping prevent rainwater from entering the panels. Ideal for 2-degree slopes, FLEXSEAM has a concealed fastening system that is devoid of clutter, resulting in a continuous linear look that most modern design lovers prefer.


Metalink’s ECOSEAM roof and wall cladding panel comes with a snap-on lock system that makes it easy to install. Ideal for 2-degree slopes, this profile can be combined with Metalink’s premium stone-coated finish for extra protection. The stone-coated finish acts as an additional barrier, helping shield the roof from salty and humid conditions. The stone-coated finish also provides great resistance against scratches and fading. It’s a perfect fit for beach resorts and other coastal-adjacent projects.


True to its name, SEAMLOCK has a snap-on easy lock system consisting of two overlapped-folded steel joints locking tightly to put adjoining panels in place. It also has 3-point anti-leak features for superior leak-proof capability. Ideal for roof slopes of as low as 5 degrees, SEAMLOCK also comes with a concealed fastening system that has both reliable function and beautiful form.

All three profiles can be used with Metalink’s TEKTURA, an all-new roof and wall cladding finish with rich, textured paint technology. Its matte finish and rough surface have excellent fading and corrosion resistance and can be used for any roof and wall cladding design.

Metalink’s 20 years of experience in roof and wall cladding has led to the creation of innovative products that can address a client’s every need. Through its functional profiles and attractive styles, Metalink can help make every design dream come true. With Metalink, any design inspiration can be achievable.

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