Total Quality Driven: Break Through to Excellence

September 1, 2017

An organization’s success is not measured entirely by the monetary returns made for the year. It is also achieved by the relationships employees have with each other and how they utilize that relationship to put more effort and work harder together to accomplish organizational tasks.


Metalink/ModernBrands Incorporated are committed to build strong employee relationships to ensure goals and objectives are achieved. Annual team building activities are conducted to make sure that everyone in the organization are well equipped and are continuously developing their personal skills and relationships between each other in order to create a more harmonious work environment in the organization.


This year’s Team Building theme is entitled, Total Quality Driven: Breakthrough to Excellence. Held last September 1-2 at the ClearWater Resort and Country Club, Angeles, Pampanga brought the Metalink and ModernBrands employees closer together.  It served a huge opportunity to build a stronger bond between each other which they will use to perform more collaboratively and effectively.  ‘Til next year!