A Stunning Seaside Getaway with a Metal Tile Roof for Café Elegance
Café Diem: A Stunning Seaside Getaway with a Metal Tile Roof for Café Elegance
February 26, 2024

Right in the middle of Calatagan’s stretch of beautiful beaches is a one-of-a-kind café that stands out because of its delicious food and curb-side aesthetic. Displaying old-world charm with a modern touch, Café Diem is a destination on its own. 

The Municipality of Calatagan, Batangas is located in a peninsula between the South China Sea and Balayan Bay. The area has several beautiful near-white beaches and lush marine life. Although not as well known as the country’s other famous beaches, Calatagan is slowly becoming a favorite tourist spot.

Owners Di and Emil Guevarra (from whose names were coined the café’s name Diem) believed in the potential of the area. They decided to put up a restaurant that serves special Filipino and Bicolano dishes with Spanish influence. 

Inspired by the spectacular ocean view, they wanted an old-world style suggestive of stately Spanish estates. Upon the recommendation of their roofer, the owners called on Metalink to install a metal tile roof. 

Tile roofs are characteristic of Spanish-style homes. Traditionally made from fired clay or terracotta, tile roofs can last for a hundred years. But they are very heavy, prone to breaking during transport and installation, and are hard to install.

Stone-coated steel metal roofing performs well in coastal environments, unlike regular metal roofing. The stone-coated finish provides better corrosion resistance from ocean air exposure compared to bare metal roofing. For durable performance in seaside locations, stone-coated is a good option to consider.

Euro Elegance by Metalink: The Perfect Fit

Café Diem’s roof sports Euro Elegance by Metalink. Euro Elegance is the first and only metal tile roof in the Philippines that is double-lapped to provide extra protection against water seepage. It is made of strong galvalume steel which is coated with zinc, aluminum, and silicon. Galvalume gives enhanced protection against rust making it perfect for coastal areas.

The tile design of Euro Elegance by Metalink perfectly complements the property’s stunning ocean views. The roof reflects most of the sun’s rays instead of absorbing it so the café is cooler when it’s hot outside. What’s more, Euro Elegance comes pre-painted in a wide variety of bright colors so you can get one to suit the design you want.  

“We like the look so much,” Emil expressed. “It has the old-world charm but (with) new and modern technology.”

Indeed, thanks to Metalink’s advanced technology, the Guevarras have a roof that protects their café against the sun, strong winds, typhoons, salt air, and humidity, while also fulfilling the aesthetic they desire.

According to Emil, “Metalink roof gave our structure an expensive, elegant look and security!” 

Emil also likes the sturdiness of the Metalink metal tile roof. “I’ve been up a number of times to install Christmas decorations and the material of the roof… I think it will last a long while.” 

Di and Emil Guevarra found the Calatagan property by chance when they were looking for a place to spend their vacation. Today, their café stands proudly facing the spectacular ocean vista of Calatagan. 

“The ‘tile look’ on the roof, it goes well with the environment,” Emil Guevarra shared. 

Metalink: Coastal Roofing Solutions

Metalink provides roofing solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of seaside structures while withstanding harsh coastal conditions. If you wish to learn more about how Metalink’s Euro Elegance steel roofing panels can improve your beachfront or coastal home, contact Metalink today.