How To Make Your Roof More Environmentally Friendly

March 18, 2019

With summer just right around the corner, we figured these tips might help you get around summer more environmentally. Because we all know, when summer heats up so does your utility bills around the house.

Today, we’ve listed some tips to help you save from bills and make your roof more environmentally friendly.


1. Place Water barrels.


One of the simplest ways to lower your impact on the environment is to simply put a water barrel at the downspouts or gutter drainages of your roof. Water runoffs from the roof can be collected and used to water plants, your garden or simple for cleaning outdoors. This lowers your water usage by a respectable amount.


 2. Proper insulation and/or ventilation.


Well placed roof insulation and ventilation system for your roof can drastically benefit the environment as unlike conventional roof setups, you don’t use as much energy to cool your home, therefore, less environmental footprint. Learn more about Metalink insulated roofs and wall panels here. 


 3. Utilize Natural Light.


Adding skylight sheets or reflective tubes are a great way to bring natural light into the house. Less energy consumption, less impact on the environment. Metalink also offers such roofing solutions which you can see here.


 4. Roof Maintenance.


Extend the life of your roof using proper maintenance keeping gutters, downspouts and roof area free of dirt and debris. By utilizing the full life span of a roof system it gets you less unnecessary replacements, which in turn results in cost savings and less material waste. Win-win for you and the environment.