Advantages of using Long-Span Steel Roofing

March 7, 2018

Choosing the right type of material for your roof may be daunting at first. Especially because it’s crucial to mind that it plays a huge part to fully protect your family and investments from external hazards.

Given that, there are many materials that you can use depending on what you prioritize for your home. In this case, steel roofing, specifically long-span steel roofs, which we have enlisted its primary advantages over other materials.


 1.      Durability/Lifespan

First off, is what’s the most obvious that steel roofs offer-durability. These compound materials provide an extra level of durability for your home if that’s what you’re after like most of us.  It can surely win you many long years before it needs repair or complete replacement. It even adds another level of security since we’re talking about “long-span” steel roofs here, it will best the competition for having the least likely roof to have leaks. Fewer cuts and ridges mean fewer leaks compared to clay shingles and conventional roofs in typical cuts that are prone to rust and leak after some time.


 2.      Smooth lines/Aesthetic Properties

Other materials like clay tiles provide a natural, classic look which is visually pleasing, sure. But steel roofs also sport unique aesthetic properties up its sleeves. Since it is constructed in “long-span” steel tile, it can give the similar appearance that clay tiles would provide. Just with more flexibility in terms of design and leak-proofing capabilities. It has fewer cuts and ridges as well, it will surely provide a seamless look over the traditional clay tile homes. So, there’s that.


3.      Lightweight

While steel roofs are often perceived to be heavy-duty materials, they are actually lightweight and is fairly easier to install unlike other materials such as clay tiles which are far heavier and more complicated to install. It’s like having the best of both worlds, as steel roofs are durable and lightweight which doesn’t usually come both in one package.


To wrap it up, there are many other materials that have been developed to address many issues in the roofing industry and steel roofs are by far the most cost-efficient and beneficial to most situations. Rest assured that here at Metalink, we will only give you products that are sure of quality and products innovation such as long-span steel roofs that are designed to manage your expectations.