4 Simple Roofing Maintenance Tips

February 28, 2017

The roof is the most important part of your home. It is built to be your primary defense from the elements such as extensive heat from the sun, rain, wind and other elements. A good looking home is useless if you have leakage on your roof. This is the reason why it is essential that you not only invest in durable quality roofing, but also ensure that you provide it with the right kind of care and maintenance. If it is defective or leaking in any way, you could spend thousands in repairing the damage. Having a healthy roof gives you the benefit of saving costs and adding value to your home.
Here are simple ways on how to guarantee that you have a healthy roof that can last you for all the years to come:


1. Check on your roofing system regularly
When we say regularly it doesn’t mean you need to clean it every day. The easiest way to keep your roof in good condition is to have it inspected at least twice a year. It is recommended to hire a professional for this to ensure that you get the best tips and service for your roof. However, if you are a “Do it yourselfer” you should particularly watch out for clogged gutters, loosen tekscrews and any other components that could make your roof vulnerable. In this way you can detect any problems ahead of time and prevent it before it gets worst.

2. Clean debris and dirt
If your house is surrounded by trees it is recommended for you to have a strainer for the down spout to avoid blockage. It is also recommended that you clean the gutters at least every two months to avoid leaks and rusting.

3. Inspect for rust
If you notice rust developing, it’s important to wire-brush to remove the rust, apply primer and finally paint the affected areas of the metal to help keep them healthy longer. If you notice that your roof is already faded and it’s not pleasing to your eyes, then you may opt to repaint it instead of replacing it so you can save on costs.

4. Treat moss and molds
Gently spray a roof moss remover and cleaner on affected areas. Follow the specific cleaner’s instructions to wait for the solution to do its work and then gently brush away the moss and mold with a soft bristled broom and wide handheld brush. Regularly doing this step will ensure that your roof will stay rust free and mold free in an instant.