Why Roofs Are One Of The Most Understated Building Materials
January 4, 2021

Over the past years, the roofing industry has made an incredible jump from the conventional type of roofing designs to a more robust and feature packed design profile that serve many significant purposes. Although technology progressed its way to the roofing industry, most homeowners are still not aware of the vital role of the roof.

  1. It’s not very noticeable to many.

This is unarguably true as your roof literally sits over your head completely invisible if you’re inside your house. The only instance where you can appreciate or see it is when you’re looking at it from afar. It’s certainly hard to appreciate the beauty of your roof if you can barely see them, yes, but keep in mind that it is still worth the time looking for a carefully designed and durable roofs since, at the end of the day, it’s a huge part of how your home will look like – for years. Get ideas from Metalink’s own collection of roof designs HERE which are patented to protect you and your family at home.

  1. You think all roofs are the same.

Over the years, roofing manufacturers have designed roofs that are more capable of protecting your home from environmental forces. Many roof designs look very similar, from color options to the profile itself, which may lead you to think that they are all the same. But the truth is, they are not. You see, each design is meant for a certain use scenario, if the project is an industrial warehouse which requires more coverage and durable materials, rib type roofs are usually used with their cost efficiency and overall durability. On the other hand, if its a residential project, that’s when the tile roof comes in, showcasing its premium design which often comes in a wide variety of colors.

Metalink offers a wide range of roofing designs from EcoHirib rib-type roof, strong for its durability and leak-proofing capabilities, Stonetile stone-coated roofs that are on-par if not better than stone shingles in terms of aesthetic design down to corrugated roofs to cater to all your roofing needs. And since, choosing the right roofing materials can be daunting, especially if you’ve just started getting into roofing yourself, we’re adding helpful tips to get you started. Just visit our blog for more!

  1. You only deal with it when you start building a house or when it starts to leak or fade.

Let’s admit it, we only think about roofs when we’re building a house or, in many instances, when it starts to leak. When your roof starts to leak, it won’t be long before it does damage to things inside your home. So, just in case yours are still holding up, how about you give it its well-deserved cleaning/maintenance? Just because it’s rarely talked about doesn’t mean it doesn’t need any maintenance treatment anymore. You have to remember that a small leak can ruin many things inside. And since we’re talking about your investments, why not protect them as much as you can? We recommend getting a roof that will surely give you fewer worries for a long time. Metalink offers a wide range of roofing products that went through a bunch of laboratory testing to give you the most durable, quality and lasting roofing products to protect your home.

So, hard it may seem but you have to realize the importance of your roof that sits over your head. You have to remind yourself that with this tropical weather and harsh environmental challenges, you have to nit-pick what is truly the best roof for your home. Why? Well, because it is literally what protects your home, your precious investments, and your entire family. Remeber that, a small leak from your roof can easily ruin your high-value investments inside no matter what it may be. Avoid this problem from when you’re still building your house, use Metalink’s roofing products that are quality and tested. Get a roof that can manage your expectations, dahil ang bubong na walang butas, walang katumbas!