What Causes Roof Leak
February 1, 2019

Let’s admit it, over the past decades, roof leaks are still one of the biggest issues the industry faces even with today’s modern era. It’s hard to stay on top of this issue since leaks literally come up to us when it’s too late, say if it’ already pouring most especially if you do not pay attention to proper roof maintenance ahead of time. Today, we’re bringing in some helpful ideas to how leaks are formed and where to take action in order to avoid them before it ruins your investments at home.

Poor installation

Based on our own experiences, bad/poor installation can become a huge cause of future roof leaks. Our observation points out that some of our clients who have installed our roofs themselves have experience leaks way too early to a point where we need to replace the roofs by our team of licensed installers under TESDA National Certificate Level 2. This may not be the case for everyone who installed their roofs on their own but it’s good to be warier considering the risks that come with it.

Substandard Roof paint

Now, this may be not visible at first glance but as you may know, paints protect the Galvanized Iron of our roofs. So it is extremely important to consider and dig deeper with the kind of paint used to your roof. With Metalink, we guarantee up to 7 years with the use of our Fade resistant paint technology which is highly effective with the country’s unpredictable weather conditions. In fact, we have established our in-house laboratory to thoroughly test each of our roofing products against corrosion, our paint’s fade resistance, thickness and more!

Poor maintenance

Unlike others that we’ve mentioned, this one on the list heavily relies on the home owner’s attentiveness. It will truly help you in the long run if you can exercise proper maintenance practices and methods to protect your home from future leaks which could potentially damage your precious investments at home. Be more diligent and treat your home as it is literally the only thing that protects your family from outside harm. Sa bubong na walang butas, walang kupas, pamilya mo at ligtas!

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