Metalink's Multi-Rib Wall Cladding Elevate Contemporary Architecture Inside and Out
Metalink’s Multi-Rib Wall Cladding: Elevate Contemporary Architecture Inside and Out
January 3, 2024

The world is evolving, and with it, so is architecture design. Not only is architecture looking more beautiful and striking, but it has also become more energy-efficient and sustainable in response to climate change.

One notable development is how building façades have improved thanks to wall cladding. 

What is Wall Cladding?

Wall cladding is a layer of protective material added to the exterior of a building or home. It clads or covers the building, protecting it from the harsh environment. Wall cladding is also a design element, adding to the property’s curbside appeal. 

While wall cladding is usually applied to the exterior, modern designs include application to interior walls. This adds insulation from noise and heat as well as contributing to the room’s aesthetic.

Benefits of Wall Cladding

Here’s why you should opt for wall cladding.

1. Improves the mechanical strength of the building.

Wall cladding adds durability and longevity to buildings.

2. Protects against the elements.

It serves as the first line of defense against the ravages of the environment. Resisting damage from wind, rain, heat, dust, and pollution. 

3. Provides fire safety.

Cladding made of fire resistant material such as steel or aluminum protects the building from fire. 

4. Resists corrosion.

As a form of finishing, wall cladding acts as a barrier between the building and the corrosive environment. 

5. Provides waterproofing benefits.

Wall cladding reduces water absorption, which can weaken the structure.

6. Easy installation.

Wall cladding can be used to express whatever design you have in mind.

7. Cost-efficiency.

A recent study found that metal wall cladding was the most cost-efficient option available based on material efficiency and construction cost.

Introducing Metalink’s NEW Multi-Rib Wall Cladding

Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of wall cladding and more with metal wall cladding from Metalink. Metal wall cladding is adaptable, sleek, durable, and cost-efficient. Using recyclable metal, the Metaline series of multi-rib wall cladding from Metalink is also fire-safe and sustainable.   


offers neat, classic lines for a modern and bold profile.



has a curved profile for a sophisticated touch. 


has v-shaped ribs for exceptional strength and distinctive texture.

All METALINE products are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures to suit your design. 


is a textured roof and wall cladding finish developed by Metalink. It is available in stylish shades of gray: anthracite, bromo medium, effesso light, piombo basalt, and silk. The TEKTURA finish protects against fading and corrosion.


The pre-painted finish

is available in nine bright colors: brown, red, terracotta, beige, white, charcoal gray, green, blue, and mandarin red. Because it is pre-painted, you save on time and cost.

The METALLIC finish

comes in modern shades of gunmetal silver and champagne gold. This finish is superior at reflecting heat.

Applications Inside and Out

Metal wall cladding on exterior walls can be used in the following applications:

  • Adding an additional layer of defense against weather factors, including rain, wind, and UV radiation
  • Enhancing the overall visual appeal
  • Defining first impressions of the building
  • Communicating the aesthetic and functional intent of the structure

Metal wall cladding on interior walls can be used in the following ways:

  • Transforming ordinary interiors into striking visual art
  • Creating the right ambience and style 
  • Adding texture and dimensions
  • Providing stylish functionality. Metal wall cladding is a beautiful way to add sound insulation, fire safety, and space definition.
  • Integrating technology. For example, metal wall cladding can be used to embed lighting or create smart surfaces.

METALINE metal multi-rib wall cladding is extremely versatile, visually striking, and hard-working. It lends itself well to a variety of configurations that suit contemporary architectural designs. Contact Metalink today to learn more about how metal multi-rib wall cladding can enhance your property inside and out.

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