Metal Façades And Metallic Finish Benefits & Different Styles For Your Home
Metal Façades And Metallic Finish: Benefits & Different Design Styles For Your Home
July 21, 2023

When we think of metal paint, we immediately think of the shine. The sheen of a metallic finish can elevate any simple wall or roof with just a swath of paint. But did you know that the metallic finish is more than meets the eye? Aside from being an attractive addition to your home or structure, metallic finishes can have beneficial features, too. Also, metallic finishes work extremely well with metal walls.

Advantages of using metal wall panels

1. Long-lasting

Metal is an extremely durable material that can last longer than others. It can withstand regular wear and tear without deforming, so your metal wall will look just like new for a long time.

2. Protects against fire and water

Metal can act as a protective barrier for your home. Metal walls can help keep an active fire from spreading while also keeping the affected area cool from the heat. It can also protect against heavy rainfall, preventing water from spreading and creating mold and decay inside the building.

3. Energy efficient

When fitted with the proper insulation materials, metal wall panels can regulate the building temperature and help reduce your energy bills. Metals like steel and aluminum are also considered sustainable building materials and can help reduce your carbon footprint.

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4. Easy to install

Metal is lighter than other materials used for walls and roofs. They also require fewer support structures in installation, making them easier to install.

5. Aesthetically pleasing

Metal has a sleek, sophisticated effect that makes any structure look modern and polished. This newly renovated building in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, for example, is made even more striking thanks to its spandrel panels in a metallic gunmetal finish.

Benefits of metal-based paint for walls

Metallic paint contains metallic pigments that provide sparkle and shine to the finish. Aside from its eye-catching shimmer, metallic finish has several benefits, including:

1. Thermal reflectance

The metallic pigments in the paint capture light and reflect it, creating that signature sparkle. Metal-based paints can have high thermal emittance, reducing heat absorption more than regular paints.


Metallic paint is known to resist bleaching or fading better and stays glossy for a long time.

3. Hides blemishes easily

The gloss and shine aren’t just for show; they can also hide small blemishes on your walls or roofs better, thanks to their depth of color and sparkle.

4. Enhances your structure’s design

Because metallic finishes have a light-reflecting ability, they can easily enhance rooms with limited natural light. They can make your living area brighter and larger, creating an effective illusion for homes with limited space. Metallic finishes make great accent walls, too. If you want to highlight a particular wall with unique details, opt for a nice, sparkly finish to ensure all eyes are glued to that spot.

Types of metal wall panels and finishes

Using metal for your building can go a long way. Metalink, one of the country’s top roofing and walls solutions providers, has a great selection of metal offerings that you can choose from. Whether you’re looking for metal wall cladding, metal roofs, or metallic finishes, you can be sure to find them at Metalink.


METALINE50 is a modern multi rib wall cladding that can be used for both interior and exterior applications. It has shadow-line effects that add vibrance and beauty to any architectural, residential, or commercial project. 

2. METAKOOL wall panel

METAKOOL wall panels are insulated metal wall panels (sandwich wall panels), built with expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. Durable, simple, and easy to install, METAKOOL has a lightweight closed-cell insulating core that is both fire-retardant and waterproof. 


METALINE25 is a mini rib wall cladding that adds a textural appeal to a home’s design. It can be used as an accent wall for interior and exterior use.


Metalink’s METASPAN metal spandrel series is comprised of a variety of spandrel panels that can cater to different needs. 

These products can all be painted in metallic finish. Aside from offering excellent thermal reflectance, Metalink’s metallic finishes have longer fade resistance and maintain their brilliant gloss for longer than solid paints. You can choose from a chic gunmetal silver or a stunning champagne gold.

Metallic finishes offer many benefits, much like the metal used for our roofs and walls. Not only do they look great when used in your home, but they also protect your structure. You get double the protection when you combine metal materials with metallic finishes. Try it on your projects and get a shine that lasts forever. 

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