Metal Roof Coating Benefits
Insight into Roof Quality Testing and the 6 Advantages of Metal Coating
May 19, 2023

Learn what makes a good roof and how to test for quality.

What roof do you have over your head?

Roofs are available in a range of materials. However, not all roofs perform equally.

Metal roofs are popular among architects and builders because they are proven durable and have good longevity. They are also cost-efficient and lightweight.


Coated metal roofs

Coated metal roofs provide additional protection from the ravages of weather and the environment. A specially formulated coating is applied over the substrate to make the roof more durable and longer-lasting. 

The coating is usually made from silicone, acrylic, or polyurethane. Applied to metal roofs, the coating creates a waterproof and impervious layer that protects the roof from the elements. 

Stone-coated metal roofs 

Among all the coated metal roofs available, one stands out: Metalink’s long-span stone-coated metal roofs. They are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel with a zinc-aluminum alloy substrate and are coated with polyurethane or acrylic. They also feature natural stone granules, which add a luxurious and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of stone-coated and pre-painted metal roofs

Metalink offers two types of coated metal roofs: stone-coated and pre-painted. The stone-coated option features a layer of natural sand and acrylic coating, while the pre-painted option is polyester. Both options provide the following benefits:

1. Structural integrity

High-quality metal roofs in pre-painted and stone-coated finishes are engineered to withstand environmental extremes. Also, metal roofs are highly fire-resistant, making them a safer choice for homeowners. Because metal roofs are lightweight, they place less stress on the structure of the building, reducing the risk of damage to the underlying roof structure.

2. Energy efficiency

Metal roofs in bright colors reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption, lowering cooling costs in hot climates. Additionally, metal roofs can be coated with special paints like COOL CHEMISTRY, increasing their solar reflectance and reducing energy consumption.

3. Low maintenance

Metal roofs in pre-painted and stone-coated finish require very little maintenance over their lifespan. They do not rot or warp like wood or crack or curl like other materials available in the market. 

4. Resistance against corrosion

Both the pre-painted metal roof and stone-coated metal roofs have outstanding corrosion resistance. 

5. Aesthetics

Homeowners can enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting roof that enhances the curb appeal of their home while also providing superior protection against the elements.

6. Recyclable

Metal is a highly recyclable material, meaning that the metal used in a metal roof can be recycled and repurposed at the end of its lifespan. This reduces the demand for new raw materials and helps conserve natural resources.

Are you wondering if a coated metal roof will suit your design? 

There’s no need to worry, as Metalink offers various finishes like TEKTURA, LUXEWOOD, METALLIC, COOL CHEMISTRY, pre-painted, and the premium stone-coated finish.

The TEKTURA finish is perfect for elegant structures, with its rich textured paint appearance and sophisticated shades, including Effeso (light gray), Bromo (medium gray), Anthracite (dark gray), Piombo (basalt gray), and Silk Gray.

On the other hand, Metalink’s LUXEWOOD finish in black walnut color is perfect for both exterior and interior applications. Whether it’s wall cladding or ceiling applications, this premium finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any design.

The metallic finish and COOL Chemistry both provide a modern style with excellent thermal reflectance. The metallic finish is available in Gunmetal Silver and Champagne Gold colors, while the COOL CHEMISTRY is in charcoal gray, perfect for modern architectural structures.

Next, the pre-painted finish offers a range of brilliant colors, such as Brown, Mandarin Red, Red, Beige, Green, Blue, Terracotta, and Charcoal Gray, providing homeowners with various options that will complement their design style.

Lastly, Metalink’s stone-coated finish is available in five vibrant and modern colors. This finish is perfect for residential or commercial projects near shorelines and coastal locations. The stone-coated finish acts as an additional barrier for steel roofing and other similar applications.

How Metalink tests metal roofs 










Your roof can help your home last for generations. If you’re building or planning to replace your roof, choosing one that provides better protection, durability, and style is essential. Metalink’s long-span stone-coated metal roofs result from over 20 years of technological expertise, innovation, and commitment, ensuring you get the best roof available.