curved roof design
How To Stand Out Curbside: Use A Modern Curved Roof Design
July 11, 2023

The most striking buildings today have a highly aesthetic, modern architectural feature: a curved roof design.

You can spot this on curved surfaces, curved peaks, or gentle tapering on the edges of roofs. 

Curved roofs complement the natural environment. Think of Sydney Opera House and how the building doesn’t seem out of place against the ebb and flow of the water surrounding it. Curved roofs also match well with gardens, green slopes, forested areas, or against the backdrop of the sky.

Roofs take on an organic feel when you apply a curved design because curves imply fluidity and movement. In this way, curved roofs contrast sharply with the more common chunky and boxy roofs you see everywhere.

What is a curved roof?

A roof has a curved design when it uses concave (curving inward) or convex (curving outward) shapes. Curved roofs can have an arched or rounded shape, or they can be curved in selected areas, such as at the apex, above entryways, or at the edges of the roof. 

You can usually find curved roofs in airports, museums, and stadiums. Nowadays, stand-out residences are made with curved roofs.

Traditional and modern roofs

Conventional curved roofs are barn roofs and vaulted or dome roofs. Traditional Asian architecture uses a lot of concave upturned roofs. These days, however, the curves on a roof are freeform and elliptical, which is why they look very modern.

To ensure that your curved roof looks up to date, consider using modern material such as metal roofing. Metal roofs are pliable, durable, and easy to install. They are also available in a variety of finishes to suit your design.

FLEXSEAM CURVED by Metalink features concealed fastenings, so your design would be uninterrupted. The metal roof can be formed to create concave or convex curves and is available in an elegant stone-coated finish. 

Metalink also offers METACURVED panels, which are curved metal sheets that can be formed according to the arch specification of your project. METACURVED is designed with an enhanced crest that improves rainwater run-off. The panels come pre-painted in a wide variety of colors.

What’s even better is that Metalink brings metal form rollers onsite so curving can be done where the roof will be installed. This makes the roofing system easier to transport, minimizing damage. Onsite form rolling makes it easier to get the correct specifications. Changes to the design can also be accommodated right away.

Purpose of using a curved roof

Does a curved roof serve a specific purpose? Curved roofs are mainly aesthetic. They are great at expressing the style of the homeowner or the architect. But they do have particular advantages over angular pitched roofs.


Curved roofs are highly customizable, especially with metal roofing systems available today. Designs can play around with soft curves, extreme curves, or multiple curves to give the effect of waves. So if you want to express your design aesthetic in a way that stands out, use a curved roof

Space maximization

Curved roofs are also ideal for locations with height restrictions when a steep-pitched roof would not be acceptable. Curved roofs also minimize dead or wasted spaces in the attic, so get a curved roof if you want more living space in the upper part of the home.   

Wind mitigation

You should also consider curved roofs when your location is windy. Curved roofs are aerodynamic. They have less wind resistance which protects the structure from storm damage.

Advantages of curved roofs

Still undecided about using curved roofs? Check out these advantages:

Very aesthetic

Curved roofs look sleek and organic. They can make any building look ultra-modern

Freedom in terms of style

You can design your roof to have a subtle or dramatic curve, or even multiple curves. With today’s technology, your options are almost limitless.


Curved roofs have been proven to reduce CO2 emissions. With a curved roof, you also consume less energy to cool or heat the building.

More living space

A curved roof gives you more comfortable living space in the higher parts of the house. 

Design inspirations

Looking for design inspirations? Check out these examples.

Freeform or elliptical roof:

Ateneo de Manila University project using Metalink METACURVED panels

Concave roof:

Convex roof:

Add some wow factor to your home by installing a curved roof. Even better, consider using metal curved roofs. Whether stone-coated or painted in vivid colors, a durable metal-curved roof will surely raise your home’s visual appeal.