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Take Shelter from the Heat! Here Are the 5 Best Roofing Materials for Summer
April 25, 2023

The tropical climate means we enjoy the best summers — beach vacations, delicious tropical fruits, and bright sunny days. But summer in the Philippines also means maximum humidity and extreme heat. This is why your choice of roof matters. Read on to learn how to choose the best roofing material that will shield you from the hot summer sun.

The roof gives shelter and bears the brunt of the sun’s rays. If you don’t select a suitable roof, your building or home can end up trapping the intense summer heat. Trapped heat warms up the interior, causing uncomfortable temperatures. To cope with the discomfort, people end up using more electricity on air conditioners, driving costs up. Thus, roofs should be selected based on their ability to protect the building from heat.

Best roofing materials for summer

Metakool rib roof

For superior thermal protection, nothing beats the Metakool rib roof. Its patented design bears a high crest that lets rainwater slide right off. It also has a built-in insulated core, so the sun’s heat doesn’t reach the interior. This technically-advanced roofing material is highly durable and available in a variety of attractive finishes.  

Standing Seam with EPS

Roofs with standing seams are durable and require little maintenance. This is because the metal panels connect at the raised seams, concealing fasteners which could otherwise be points of weakness. Because the panels interlock tightly, these roofs are highly resistant to wind and rain.

Standing seam roofs are installed over expanded polystyrene (EPS). This makes the roofing perform well in terms of thermal insulation, especially during the hot summer months. 

Snap-lock roof with EPS

Snap-lock roofs are similar to raised seam roofs except that the panels are specially made to snap together, requiring no additional fasteners. Thus, the connections are superior. Snap-lock roofs are also installed over EPS, preventing heat absorption and retention.  

Horizontal Roof with Insulation

Horizontal roofs are a stylish choice for roofing. Think modern Japanese vibes fused with a Caribbean appeal. An example of this is Metalink’s HAVANA roof, which draws inspiration from the eponymous Cuban city. It uses slab metal designed to endure the harshest weather conditions in the Philippines. 

High-performance horizontal metal roofs from Metalink, applied with bubble wrapping for insulation, is an attractive way to keep cool. 

Tile Roof with Insulation

Tile roofs are great for hot climates and coastal areas. However, traditional roofing tiles that are made from clay or terracotta are very heavy and expensive. A better alternative is the long-span simulated tile steel roof. It has the attractive appearance of stone tiles but is lightweight. 

StoneTile by Metalink is an excellent choice. Its patented design has superior rigidity and strength, as well as anti-capillary action, which prevents water from moving through the panels. It’s coated with natural stone granules giving the roof a luxurious appearance.

Do simulated tile steel roofs also protect against solar radiation? Yes! It provides superior thermal performance when applied with common insulating materials such as bubble wrapping.

Roofs in Cool Chemistry Finish

To really keep buildings cool, Metalink products are also coated with special ceramic pigments that make roofs energy efficient. These Solar Reflective Pigments (SRP) have

been developed through physical and chemical means to reflect infrared

radiation while still absorbing the same amount of visible light. This means that the roof appears the same color as lesser reflecting pigments yet stays much cooler. 

So if you want to make sure that your building doesn’t heat up excessively during summer, use roofs with Metalink’s Cool Chemistry.  

Humidity and extreme heat during the summer months can be very uncomfortable. Make your summer house or building a cool haven by selecting the best roof!

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