What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof
What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?
June 22, 2023

A great structure is one where style meets substance. You want the design elements of your building to have features that not only look great but have great benefits, too. The standing seam roof is a great example of good design and great functionality coming together. Its clean, clutter-free lines are also durable and lightweight, which makes for a pain-free installation that will last for a long time.

Read on to learn more about the standing seam roof and how it can be a great addition to your structure.

What is a standing seam roof?

A standing seam roof is a sophisticated design profile with unique features perfect for the modern structure. Its name comes from the connections between the metal panels. The seams are vertical (hence the term “standing”), developed from folding and crimping the edges between the panels.

Because of its clutter-free, continuous linear design, the standing seam roof lends itself well to a modern-looking structure, like this minimalist barn house in Tagaytay. Standing seam roofs also work well with long-span structures (i.e., structures that span beyond 20 meters) because of their exceptional durability that keeps the whole building intact.

Pros and cons of using a standing seam roof

Thinking of getting a standing seam roof for your project? Here are the pros and cons of using this innovative roof profile for your structure.


Energy efficient

A light colored or COOL CHEMISTRY standing seam metal roof helps reflect solar heat, keeping your structure cool and helping reduce your energy expenses. To make your structure more energy efficient, fit your roof with insulation such as expanded polystyrene foam. This lightweight, easy-to-install material reduces heat transfer in your structure, keeping it cool and comfortable to dwell in.


A standing seam metal roof is known to be lightweight and flexible. This makes it easier for your roofing company to move the material around and install it safely on your structure. Standing seam also imposes less of a load on your roof’s structure, putting less weight and pressure on your building as a whole.


A standing seam metal roof is very durable and can withstand many harsh elements, such as wind, rain, sunlight and even fire. Their tough exterior offers the potential of a long lifespan —  metal roofs are known to last for up to 40-70 years.

Functional design elements

A standing seam metal roof utilizes concealed fasteners to ensure the integrity of a continuous linear design and eliminate the clutter of exposed screws. Not only does this look great from a design perspective, but concealing the connected parts also protects them from the elements, making them last longer. Furthermore, the interlocking panel creates a seamless connection that keeps water out. A roof that is less prone to water infiltration is a strong and sturdy roof.

Ideal for low sloped projects

Standing seam roofs are the best choice if there’s a height restriction in the village or subdivision. Because of its concealed fastening system, it can be installed with a slope as low as two degrees without worrying about water leaks. It also conceals tekscrews, which eliminates the problems of leaks and rust or corrosion in the long run.



Standing seam roofs are known to be more expensive due to their installation procedure. However, considering their durability, this profile is worth the investment.


The sound in a house with a metal roof can easily carry throughout the rest of your home. This can be inconvenient, especially during a loud, powerful storm. Invest in proper insulation that can help minimize the noise from a standing seam metal roof.

Proper maintenance for standing seam roof

Because a standing seam metal roof is so durable, there is very little upkeep required to keep it in tip-top shape. Concealed fasteners and a seamless structure means lesser nooks and crannies for damaging elements like moss and algae to latch onto. People who will invest in a standing seam roof will enjoy the benefits of having a low-maintenance roof to take care of.

Conduct regular checks

Make sure to regularly check your roof, even if it’s low maintenance. Detecting potential damages early can help prevent bigger issues that lead to more expensive repairs.

Remove plant growth near the area

Trim the trees that surround your roof to avoid leaves from falling and accumulating on your roof. Leaves and branches can damage the surface and add wear and tear to your otherwise immaculate roof. 

Clean gutters regularly

As you keep leaves and branches out of your roof, make sure they’re not in the gutters, too. Gutters that are full of debris can gather water that will erode and damage your roof.

Get your metal standing seam roof from the country’s best

The metal standing seam roof is a major investment, so make sure to get yours from a reliable, highly acclaimed supplier for the best quality roof money can buy. Metalink, one of the country’s leading roof and solutions providers, offers FLEXSEAM, a lightweight and durable standing seam profile that’s perfect for projects that require a simple yet modern look.

Made from cold-rolled steel, FLEXSEAM is a simple yet sturdy profile that creates a clean, minimalist look for your exteriors. Pair it with Metalink’s TEKTURA finish for extra protection and beauty – TEKTURA’s rich and textured paint technology provides excellent fading and corrosion resistance will make your roof stronger than ever. TEKTURA also comes in a variety of gray shades for those who prefer a cool, contemporary look.

A standing seam metal roof has many benefits: it is lightweight, low maintenance, stylish, and long-lasting. For those hoping to build a cool-looking structure that will stand the test of time, the standing seam is worth checking out.

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