Roof Cleaning and Maintenance
Stop the rainy day blues with roof maintenance and cleaning!
June 21, 2023

It’s the rainy season once again! Just as we break out the umbrellas and jackets to protect ourselves from the cooler weather, we also have to protect our homes from the harsh effects of rain. After all, your home should be your shelter from the storm. Nobody will feel protected in a home with a leaky roof.

Checking in on your roof regularly can help prevent a leaky roof. It’s important to practice regular roof maintenance to keep your roof – and home – in tip-top shape.

What is roof maintenance?

According to the Roof Maintenance Manual from the US Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology, roof maintenance is “the treatment given a roof prior to any actual failure.” Do you know that famous saying about prevention being better than cure? That applies to your roof, too. Preventing leaks, weathering, and other types of potential damage on your roof can help you avoid worse problems in the future.

By keeping an eye out for potential damage while conducting regular roof maintenance, you can also avoid more expensive roof repairs that can easily break your budget. In a 2018 interview with Real Living, Architect Angelo Siochi said that roofing for small homes measuring around 30 sqm will cost around ₱40,000 to ₱50,000. Now, just imagine that cost in today’s inflated prices. Saving for a rainy day is even more essential with today’s rising costs, so best to avoid spending more money if you can.

How to conduct proper roof maintenance

Inspect your roof regularly

Homeowners should inspect their roof at least once a year, ideally before the rainy season starts. Rain makes everything muddy and slippery, which can make your inspection unsafe. More importantly, you would want to know if your roof leaks before water starts pouring inside your house. Not only will this be unbearable for you and your family living inside, but it might cost more to get someone to fix a roof in inclement weather.

Clear the roof and gutter of leaves, branches, dirt, fungus, and any other type of debris

Cut overhanging tree branches that can cause leaves to fall onto your roof. One tiny leaf may seem harmless, but the more they accumulate, the more potential they have for roof damage. A pile-up of debris can cover the strainers on your gutters, constricting the flow of water and making it overflow onto your ceiling. Moisture also causes the growth of moss and algae, which, when left alone, can create massive damage to your roof. Keep your roof clean and dry to prevent them from growing, or schedule a deep cleaning session to remove existing moss and algae on your roof. 

Look for leaks and patch them up immediately

Not sure how to find leaks during the summer? Look at your ceiling and check for discoloration. The color change is most probably caused by moisture from the rain, which means this area has major leak potential. You can also pour water on the roof and gutters to be extra sure. Then, use quick-drying roof cement or sealant to cover them up. If you think you need a professional’s help, hire a waterproofing contractor. 

Check for rust

Metal roofs that are frequently exposed to rain and moisture can develop rust. Checking your roof early can mean the difference between a small spot of rust you can wire brush or a big swath of corrosion you need an expert for. It can also help to use corrosion-resistant roof finishes to act as a protective barrier on your roof.

The benefits of low-maintenance roofs

To help minimize your costs more and keep your house protected for longer, invest in low-maintenance roofs that have special features that can withstand wear and tear better. Because the roof is sturdier for longer, you can worry less about spending a lot of money on repairs in the future.

Metalink, one of the country’s leading roof and solutions providers, offers a range of low-maintenance roofs that can save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

Euro Elegance

This profile is the first and only product in the country that is designed with a double-lapped anti-leak feature that effectively prevents water seepage. Each roof panel is derived from oven-baked color-coated GI or galvalume steel that ensures long-term protection against rust.

Eco HiRib

With its structurally-enhanced design and high performance, this profile can help your home withstand any environmental extremes. It has a higher crest that dispels rainwater to prevent leaks and water seepage effectively.


Developed from an enhanced painting process, this profile gives protection against corrosion or rust.


This profile also has a high crest that effectively dispels rainwater. Furthermore, it has an insulating core that helps provide thermal insulation for your home, making it more energy efficient.

Regular roof maintenance is a requirement that can keep your home safe and warm. By practicing the proper maintenance methods and investing in low-maintenance roofs, you are making sure that everyone in your household will stay nice and dry this rainy season. Not only do you get to protect your home and your family, but you can save money, too. Safety and savings? Now, that’s the ultimate protection.

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