Reasons to Get High-Quality Roofing
High-Quality Roofing: Criteria to Consider and Top Materials to Choose From
May 12, 2023

Learn why a quality roof is an investment. Plus how to check for quality and the best roofs for tropical weather.

Roofs are hard workers. They hold off storms, strong winds, and the burning sun. They protect those seeking shelter while defending the structure from wear and tear. 

Since roofs do so much, shouldn’t you invest in high-quality roofing?

Why you need a high-quality roof

A high-quality roof brings great benefits:

A good roof protects the occupants 

It gives people shelter and peace of mind. 

A good roof protects the building and its contents

It extends the life of the building and ensures that the contents are protected from the elements. 

A good roof is energy-efficient

It keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the colder months. Thus, it helps you consume less electricity.

A good roof increases the value of your property

A sturdy and beautiful roof improves the resale value of the home.

A good roof saves you money for repairs 

It won’t require a lot of maintenance.

Poor quality roofs

When roofs are of poor quality, they need more maintenance. You will likely spend more time and money on repairs. A substandard roof can also cause a building to age and deteriorate faster. This happens when the roof fails to shield the structure from corrosion and heat, water, or wind damage.

What makes a good quality roof?

Check to see if your roof meets the criteria.

It’s quality tested

One thing that separates ordinary and high-quality roofs is the quality testing it undergoes. Leading metal roof brand Metalink uses several test to ensure that its long-span roofs in stone-coated, pre-painted, TEKTURA, metallic, and LUXEWOOD finish pass the standards. Metalink’s quality assessments check the roof’s durability, its performance against handling and impact, and how the paint resists cracking, spalling, and fading.

It resists corrosion

A roof is exposed to the elements 24/7, so it must withstand harsh conditions. If a roof corrodes easily, such as with poor-quality roofs, this can cause structural damage to the entire building. 

It resists fading

Will constant exposure to weather, pollution, and the environment cause the roof’s brilliance to fade? Fading may signal that your roof has poor quality and a shorter life span.

Installation is easy

A roofing solution is good from concept to installation. If the roof is easy to install, it was designed well.

Best roofs for the Philippine tropical weather

The best roofs that can weather the country’s heat, humidity, and tumultuous typhoons are Metalink long-span stone-coated metal roofs.

Check out the different styles available:

1. Rib Roofs

Rib roofs such as StoneRib or EcoHiRIb have rich, modern, sophisticated, textured lines.

2. Simulated Tile Roofs

StoneTile has the beauty of stone, while Euro Elegance Premiere has the appeal of ceramic tiles, giving your roof unmistakable elegance.

3. Multi-Rib Roofs

Multi-rib roofs, such as the innovative PRIMERAROOF, are versatile and can be used on residential, commercial, industrial, and architectural projects.

4. Insulated Rib Roof

With an insulated core, an insulated rib roof like METAKOOL Rib Roof protects buildings from extreme temperatures.

5. Corrugated Roofs

These roofs are as strong and durable as premium roofs but have a more traditional design. Metalink’s METACORR guarantees to provide long years of service.

6. Concealed Fastening Roofs

FLEXSEAM, SEAMLOCK , and ECOSEAM offer outstanding leak-proof capabilities to revolutionize your residential project. Want to elevate your style game? Look no further than our sleek and seamless horizontal roofs, like the trendy HAVANA and HAVANA TILE. They combine functionality with elegance, providing a seamless look. And here’s the best part: all of these options come equipped with a concealed fastening system, ensuring a flawless, fashionable, and practical finish.

As for installation, Metalink offers on-site roll forming that involves taking the roll-forming equipment directly to the customer’s construction site. This eliminates the high cost and issues related to transporting long roofing sheets. 

Given that Metalink long-span metal roofs satisfy the criteria for a high-quality roof, you can be sure that it is a solid investment. Why settle for a lesser-quality roof when you can have more benefits with Metalink?

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