Galvanized vs. Galvalume Steel Roofs: What’s The Difference?
November 9, 2018

For several years, Metalink has been using Galvanized iron for its line of steel products from roofs and wall panels, architectural systems, framing systems and roofing accessories. Recently, with its passion for constant innovation, it has adapted to yet another innovation by using Galvalume across most of its steel products. But what’s in it for you and your projects? What does it bring to the table? Here’s what.


While both share their “rust-resistance” properties, their differences come out in their compositions. Galvanized steel is made with zinc added to the base material for it to inhibit rust formation. Galvalume, on the other hand, is made with zinc and aluminum both of which are combined to create a layer of protection from corrosive elements.


Both Galvanized and Galvalume coating that shields the steel from water and oxygen will wear off over time, and when it’s gone, affected areas will turn yellowish and brownish in no time, shedding iron flakes-so called “rust” indicating that it is deteriorating. What matters most is “how long” it will take before this happens. Galvalume which was aforementioned to have a combination of Zinc and Aluminum coat performs better in terms of longevity. In most residential steel roofing applications including near-coastal areas — beach homes located near the shore, and even homes located in the middle of heavy salt-spray — severe marine environments, Galvalume steel will be a better and more corrosion-resistant option than galvanized steel.

Metalink offers such protection to your homes and your projects for your family and your investments. You need a partner that grows with you beautifully, over time.

That’s how you differentiate Galvanized and Galvalume!

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