4 Roofing Styles For Your Home
October 18, 2018

The roof is unarguably one of the most integral parts of a home—it protects you, your investments and your family from the harsh weather conditions. Whether you are building a house or re-roofing, it is vital to know the best material that suits the environment you’re in, the style you wish to achieve, and the budget you are willing to shell out. It’s after all a huge investment so you better be aware of the risks you’re going to take.

Make sure to get the right material first hand.


This type is one of the most commonly used because of its cost-efficiency and value for money ratio. It is also easy to install and can come in wide variety of colors and styles that can work with most architectural styles out there.


This type is straight up not recommendable for those who are in a budget but slates are generally durable and can give your exterior an aesthetically pleasing look. It needs a little maintenance but its light colors help reduce heat absorbed by the space due to its reflective nature. Best suited for warmer regions.


Among one of the most popular and widely used roofing types in the Philippines, metal or steel roofs has a longer life-span and are generally more rugged in terms of water-resistance. It also requires low maintenance, and is lightweight and is generally more environmentally friendly. Did we mention also that for what it gives, it’s one of the most affordable?

It’s also uniquely versatile with lots of designs variations for storage, residential and many more applications. Metalink offers every roof design you can think of for all your requirements. You can check all of our designs here.

However, installing steel roofs require a more professional team to avoid the risks of having leaks in the future. Good thing, Metalink offers installation services as well so you won’t have to stress out of finding a trustworthy contractor.

With Steel roofing, it is also recommended to use long-span for best results as it drastically helps to avoid leaks and seepage.

Latest innovations also took steel roofs to another level with our “long-span stone-coated roofs” which mimics the beauty of shingles just without the weight and the deep hole it leaves in your pocket. See Metalink’s new roof innovations here.


If you purely want to add texture to your exterior, you may opt between concrete and clay tiles. Both are extremely durable and long lasting but you’d have to pay for the hefty price to get it. It is remarkably heavier among the bunch so a solid support is required. It is widely used for ‘bahay-na-bato-inspired structures as well as Mediterranean-style houses.

So, what’s your roof gonna be like? What do you think will suit your house the most? Let us know if you find this guide helpful and we’ll do our best to craft more of these in the future!

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