Top 3 Residential Roofing Trends this 2019

January 30, 2019

Now that a new year is here, it is yet the season where most construction projects spring back to continuity. And if you happen to be one of those who are still looking for a roofing supplier, you may want to look at this fun new list of residential roofing trends which may help you chug along what’s new.


1. Energy Efficient Roofs

With the rapidly changing weather, it is crucial to have a roof that will not only protect you from the harsh weather but will also help you minimize the energy you use inside. Our Metakool insulated roof panels use Polystyrene which is highly economical with less harmful effect to our health over using polyutherene. Read more through this link. 


Doyen F1
Our Metakool - Insulated Roof and Wall Panels used on a Satellite Office in Mindanao Ave. 


2. Concrete Roofs


Year over year the Philippines, experience a staggering number of typhoons which bring homes devastation. This is probably why we still see a lot more roofs made of concrete which is said to be tougher and more cost-effective to defend against these typhoons. Metalink, on the other hand, offers rather a new concept for you to achieve the look and feel while sporting the best protection against typhoons and sudden weather changes. Stonetile is its long-span stone-coated roof which resembles the design, look, and feel of stone roofs but with the added strength of steel. You can find more about this product linked here.

 IMG 4312
Our Stonetile - Long-Span Stonecoated Roof Project located in Tagaytay City. 


3. Light Colored Roofs


Did you know that using light-colored paint for your roof can gradually minimize your energy consumption? You see, when light rays touch materials which are on the lighter shade, that’s when fewer light rays are absorbed by the material. And the less light the material absorbs, the less likely it is to absorb heat, therefore, less energy consumption you’ll need to ventilate or cool the house with a lighter colored roof.

With Metalink, you can choose from a wide selection of colors that suits your very own look. You can see more of them here. 


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