Prepare Your Home for Typhoons

November 15, 2017

Typhoons can have a tremendous amount of damage to Filipinos homes. The recent typhoons have already affected thousands of Filipino homes from heavy rainfall resulting to flash floods, landslides that lead to serious casualties and the list goes on. While it’s true that we can’t prevent these from happening, however, we can always prepare and minimize the damages it can give to our homes. Below are some basic preparation to protect your home from typhoons.


1. Stockpile Food, Water and First-aid Kit

It is extremely important to stock up enough food for emergency situations like typhoons. You do not know how badly or how long you will be stuck during the typhoon so you have to prepare ready to eat supplies to get you through the typhoon. And in case of injuries, you can treat them immediately with the first-aid kit.

2. Fully charge all communication devices

It’s more likely that you’re in the middle of the typhoon with no power at all. In this case, having your devices topped up and ready for emergencies like this will come in handy so you can reach the authorities and stay connected to the latest news about the typhoon.

3. Do a quality check of your house

The last thing you want to worry about is your roof leaking. It is highly recommended that you inspect your home, especially your roof and do the necessary repairs before the typhoon approaches. Remember to treat your roof as your protection to wind and heavy rain fall, use quality roofs that are sure to get your home through heavy downpour. 

4. Prepare an evacuation plan

Lastly, prepare your own evacuation plan. While you can always follow the community’s evacuation plan for these kind of circumstances, it is also important to have your own, too. Familiarize every member of the family about the evacuation centers and how to get there. Kindly follow the guides and notices from the authorities as they only care for everyone’s safety.


Metalink’s main goal is to educate and prepare every Filipino with the right knowledge and information to keep your families safe and your home protected from typhoons and natural disasters. Be safe out there!