Metalink is now BPS Certified!

July 1, 2018

Our commitment to pursuing excellence transcends in our workmanship and products. This month we are proud to announce that we have successfully been certified by the Bureau of Philippine Standards and have earned our Product Standards Quality Certification under license no. Q-2522.


Over the past years, Metalink continuously delivers its long-standing promise of providing customers with quality and reliable roofing products. And in pursuit of giving convenience and developing quality roofing products for its valued customers, Metalink managed to receive numerous certifications from various certifying bodies and other memberships with established associations that play a huge part in the development of construction industry. These include CREBA, PCA, ISO: 9001 certifications and the latest addition BPS.


BPS operates product certification schemes to ensure the quality and safety of products produced locally and those imported into the country. By being certified by BPS, Metalink obtains a license to use the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality and Safety Marks this means that they consistently manufacture roofing products in accordance with the Philippine National Standards (PNS) or an internationally accepted foreign standard.


Now what this means is that it’s conformity to BPS will reassure its customers that they will get consistent quality for every product of Metalink that they’ll get. It is yet another step forward with Metalink’s promise to quality and reliable product and services for you and your projects cause with Metalink, we manage and exceed your expectations. Like us on Facebook for more!