Make the Right Roofing Colors with These Tips!

November 19, 2018

With the endless roof paint colors, already available in the market, narrowing down your choices to fit the look you envision can be hard. But don’t worry because today, we will be giving you these handy little tips and tricks to make sure you make the right roof color choice for your steel roof.


1. See it in all lighting conditions

Yes, that’s right. It is still important to remember that paint colors may look different depending on the lighting, for example on a cloudy day versus in bright sunshine. It also may not look the same in the morning as when viewed in twilight hours so be sure to check this considering your attention to selecting the right paint color.


2. Make sure beauty is also practical

Using a lighter tone for your steel roofs can dramatically reflect sunlight which then helps you stay cooler than dark tone paints. This will also help you gain energy savings in the long run. This application is most ideal for areas with usual warm weather. So we recommend choosing a lighter shade of paint if you live in a sunny, hot climate region for maximum energy efficiency. Note that, if your heart’s content is with darker colors, there are also many coatings and finishes available for metal roofs that still allow energy savings. We highly recommend you to check our stone-coated roof as an example. Click here for more. 


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3. Consider your surroundings

This is also extremely important because roof paints represent the face of your house. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a tone that matches the design of your home and the surrounding neighborhood. Do this decision with following your Homeowners Association (HOA) rules and guidelines. 


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4.  Stand up to the test of time

We all know paints will fade over time but with some improvements over the past few years, there are certainly paint materials that can prolong its vibrant color longer than usual. Many homeowners want to ensure that their roof’s color stays the same for as long as possible, to make it simple, they want to have a roof which is fade-resistant and because of that, they prefer to use high-quality paint coatings for utmost protection. Metalink’s Fade-resistant Paint Technology guarantees you up to 7-years of fade-resistance. Our in-house laboratory and quality management experts conduct multiple laboratory tests to thoroughly check the quality of all Metalink roofing products. More about how we value quality here. 


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Want to see more? Watch how Metalink does Quality Testing to Roofing products in this short video! Watch the video here.


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