Fact or Myth: The Truth about Steel Roofs

June 22, 2019

Steel roofs are the most common type of roof being used by most and had its fair share of myths that been around for quite some time. But today, we’re off to bust these myths!


Here are a few of the most common myths about steel roofing.


 1. They are loud under heavy rain.


It depends on the type of steel roof you have. Metalink’s Stonetile and Stonerib, are long span Stone-Coated Steel Roofs that have real stone granules that disperse the sound of rain. Best of all, it is easy to install and looks luxurious. Learn more about it here: www.metalink.com.ph/products/



 2. They are prone to lightning strikes. Ouch.


This is a hard “NO”. While steel conduct electricity, it is not drawn to it. And since steel is non-combustible, it’s even safer than some other roofing materials.


 3. Steel Roofs increases electricity bills.


It is important that there are proper insulation and air flow in your roof. This can easily reduce the heat transfer to inside your home. The Metakool Roof and Wall Panels have built-in insulation that reduces the outside temperature to half. www.metalink.com.ph/products/


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